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EasyClocking offers free app services for time and attendance management

EasyClocking®, a developer of next generation time & attendance and workforce management systems, has announced that it will be offering 2 months free services in the MENA region for its time and attendance mobile application. The app offers employees the ability to manage projects in an easy way by specifying the job activity when clocking in/out from their phone.

A representative from EasyClocking MENA office informed,” Today, the world is facing an unprecedented epidemic which has forced many employees to work from home. We are committed to support companies in the MENA to adapt and overcome current challenges. We have recently received a tremendous increase from companies requesting our mobile attendance and job tracking application. These features offer the ability to manage jobs and projects from your home or anywhere around the world, allowing to identify labor costs attributed to projects or jobs by employee, department, and task-type”.

The Research & Development team at EasyClocking® is at all times concentrating on improving our existing solutions and innovating new ones. Matched by business-focused, technical support, our response to your objectives has led to the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. At the heart of the company is a team of skilled product developers, programmers and technical support staff. Along with sales, marketing and administration staff, they are committed to providing our customers with an unrivaled expertise, service and support.

Ten years of experience has labeled EasyClocking as a reliable name in the Time & Attendance industry. EasyClocking’s global presence has reached over 30 countries. It is a trusted name in over 50,000 time & attendance systems installed in the world today, to a variety of markets including government agencies, law enforcement, financial services, healthcare, education, commercial enterprises, industrial, construction, hospitality and the retail industry.


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