“Fashions fade, style is eternal”


“Fashions fade, style is eternal”

Yves Saint Laurent

Every season many fashion houses create new trends of  hoping of winning the attention of women of fashion. Clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags. After all, women’s bag bags have ceased to be just an accessory, now it is a kind of identity card. If you are interested in fashion and follow latest trends, browse https://jiji.ng/fashion-and-beauty and get yourself that pretty clutch, you’ve been thinking about. In the meantime, check these five bags that will always look stylish despite fashion trends. Only a few masters of haute couture managed to create a bag that would become a legend. These bags are called “it-bag”.

 Chanel 2.55

In February 1955 the iconic bag was born. Coco Chanel’s clientele was initially quite skeptical about this new rebellious design, as bags during that time never came with straps. This revolutionary idea made sure the 2.55 was ready for the future. Nowadays the 2.55 or its reinterpretation, the Classic Flap, is more loved than ever. Its iconic features scream Chanel, from the quilted leather to the leather interwoven hardware. The classic Chanel bag is that piece that hold onto for generation after generation.

 Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

This bag took the fashion world by storm when it was first released, and the rest is history. Although the Balenciaga brand was created in 1915, it gained popularity only in 2003, when Nicolas Gesciere created the Motorcycle Bag line as just an addition to the next fashion show. One of the models working at the show, found the bag perfect and advised the fashion house to make it open for purchase.

Hermès Birkin

The Birkin was of course named after the icon of parisian effortlessness: Jane Birkin. The Birkin was especially made for her after she was seated to Hermès executive Jean-Louis Dumas on an airplane, and told him she was having trouble finding a good leather weekend bag. The Birkin was based on a previous Hermès design from 1892 and is nowadays available in broad range of materials and colors,  including calf skin, ostrich, lizard and crocodile. It’s silhouette is classic yet understated, as it comes with a good dose of nonchalance, especially if you compare it to its more rigid sister: the Kelly. While the Kelly is the epitome of ladylike in a bag, the Birkin has a more modern feel which will never look outdated.

Céline Classic Box Bag

When we think of a Céline bag that is effortlessly chic and elegant, we automatically think of the Classic Box bag. The bag, whether it’s new or vintage, makes for a serious style statement. After Phoebe Philo got assigned as the creative director of Céline she successfully reintroduced many of Celine’s classical designs, one of the most popular being the Box bag. She got rid of the horse and carriage logo and made the bag plain and clean. By streamlining this classic Céline bag, the beloved ‘Box’ feels fresh again and will be your go-to piece whatever the trends.

Lady Dior

Handbag, which became a new classic, thundered around the world when in 1995 Bernadette Chirac, who was then First Lady for France, presented the bag to Princess Diana. At that time, it was a brand-new design from the fashion house and did not have the Lady Dior name yet. The princess loved the bag and carried it around repeatedly during her trips, so the house decided to name it after Diana – Lady Dior.


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