Government Signage + Advert billboard Kills 6 commuters in Lagos


A huge road sign post with an advertising billboard comes crashing down Wednesday morning killing at least six passengers of a coaster commercial bus and leaving several other people in hospital. Reliable sources  have it on record that signage billboard belongs to the Federal Government.

The billboard crushed the vehicle as it collapsed to the ground at Ilasa bus-stop, along the Oshodi-Apapa expressway during rush hour.


According to a passerby, a construction truck working on the highway hit the electronic billboard, causing it to fall down on the vehicle

The steel pole, which had the road signs and advertising board mounted to it, came down on the roof of the commercial bus, flattening it against the road.

One road user said  ‘The institutions that approve these ads should take responsibility for what happened.’

Another added: ‘The lack of regulation in outdoor advertising not only pollutes visually. It can also cost lives.’


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