Balanced diet boosts child’s academic performance, prevents sickness – Dietitian

A dietitian, Mrs. Chioma Ezegwe, says feeding a child an appropriate balanced diet will boost the child’s performance in academics, as well as keep the child away from any form of sickness.

Ezegwe, who said this on Saturday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Nasarawa, urged parents and guardians to feed their children nutritious meals for mental development.

“When a child takes an adequate and balanced diet, it will enhance good health, help the child grow the way he or she should grow, and keep the child away from sickness.

“It will also enable the child to have vitality to be productive and excel in his or her academic pursuit.

“Making a healthy choice of diet as parents via the advice of diet experts is important while choosing what to prepare for children.

“As parents, you should encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle among children by giving them a variety of healthy foods,” a diet expert said.

According to her, it has been observed that taking a healthy diet with the advice of dieticians will stimulate the child’s alertness during class.

“I know we are experiencing hard times recently. Parents should thrive to provide appropriate diets and snacks because children can improve their academic performance by altering their eating habits to include healthy snacks in their daily routines.

“Eating a healthy diet and being physically active can balance children’s energy levels for optimal attentiveness, increase focus, and improve their overall academic performance,’’ she said.

She urged parents to give their children food that contains a lot of vegetables and fruits, water, and iron, among others.

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Mrs. Nkem Olanrewaju, a parent, said that eating healthy food would make a child grow properly and fight diseases.

Olanrewaju added that, considering the hardships in the country, many parents would find it very difficult to provide the necessary meals as usual due to the hike in food supplies.

She urged her fellow parents to try their possible best to give their children the right meal, saying denying the child what he or she used to eat before could be dangerous.

According to her, giving a child good food and involving them in a little exercise makes him or her strong, healthy, and productive.

Another parent, Mr. Emmanuel Roland, said that school-age children need to eat foods from all five healthy food groups: vegetables and fruit, grain foods, dairy, and protein, as recommended by dieticians.(NAN)

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