Berlin police seized forgery equipment during hunt for RAF terrorist

Germans said police raids in Berlin were aimed at tracking down Burkhard Garweg, a former member of the Red Army Faction (RAF) far-left terror group.

The terrorist was said to have remained on the run for decades and turned up equipment for forging official documents.

Police in Berlin managed to capture Danial Klette, another former RAF member and an associate of Garweg, in late February.

Danial Klette was captured at the flat in the district of Kreuzberg, where she lived under a false name.

Then, Garweg managed to evade capture, although police seized his construction trailer in the nearby Berlin district of Friedrichshain.

The forgery equipment was discovered inside a trailer, according to the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in the western German state of Lower Saxony, which was involved in the manhunt.

The 55-year-old allegedly lived in the trailer under the cover name “Martin,” according to the agency.

Garweg’s 8-meter-long and 2.50-meter-wide construction trailer was removed from the site in Berlin on March 4 for a forensic investigation.

More recent photos of Garweg were discovered after Klette, age 65, was arrested in Berlin. She remained in police custody.

Klette, Garweg, and Ernst-Volker Staub went into hiding more than 30 years ago. They were suspected in a series of robberies in Lower Saxony carried out during their time underground.

All three belonged to the third generation of the RAF, which carried out numerous deadly attacks, kidnappings, and assassinations before disbanding in 1991. (dpa/NAN)

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