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Cool Plus Launches Aerofoam XLPE/NBR

Leading Nigerian HVAC company, Cool Plus Limited, has reiterated that it will provide Nigeria and her entire construction industry with one of the most advanced and innovative acoustic and thermal insulation technologies through its partnership with Hira Industries.

The news came on the heels of an exhibition and workshop where the company introduced the game-changing product, Aerofoam XLPE/NBR, to professionals in the oil and gas and architecture sectors, including HVAC contractors and technicians.

At the exhibition, the company offered the participants the opportunity to witness first-hand demonstration of the products’ installation techniques, accessories and unique features.

Africa’s foremost comfort engineering company and representatives of its partners explained that the Aerofoam XLPE/NBR is of the highest quality, safe, highly resistant to fluid penetration and fire outbreaks.

The company explained that the products possess fire retardant agent that enables them withstand heat to a certain temperature and is non-toxic to the human body; a critical consideration across the industries where acoustic and thermal insulation products are deployed.

President & CEO of Cool Plus, Ade Awujoola, said: “Consistent with our vision to become a world-class company, we are deliberate in offering cutting-edge technology and equipment to Africa. This is why we have partnered with Hira Industries, a reputable company in the UAE to provide superior quality acoustics and thermal insulation to the Nigeria market and the West African sub-region”.

The benefits of Aerofoam XLPE/ NBR thermal insulation include; ease of installation, long-life expectancy of upto 25 years.

The Aerofoam XLPE/ NBR is easy to clean and resistant to chemicals, making it ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, the food industry, as well as the oil and gas industry.

The products are cost effective as they do not require additional maintenance after installation. The Aerofoam XLPE/NBR are top-grade products with premium quality at best prices.

Other acoustic and thermal insulations available in the Nigeria market are made from open cell fibre glass materials, which have relatively shorter lifecycle, hazardous to human life and take long to install (about 57 per cent longer time).

Cool Plus Limited is the sole distributor and Hira Industries’ technical partner in Nigeria.


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