Coronavirus: DIP Offers Relief Compensation to Part-time or Contracted Workers

DIP Corporation (hereinafter “DIP”), Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Hideki Tomita, announced on Monday, March 9 that it will start offering relief compensation to those who are employed in a part-time or contracted capacity (see note below) through the Baitoru, Baitoru NEXT or websites, if they are unable to work due to a coronavirus related illness.

Message from Hideki Tomita, President and CEO

Today we face a crisis as the spread of the coronavirus creates a climate of fear around the world.

We all worry for our loved ones, our friends, our classmates and our coworkers. We have spent a great deal of time discussing what DIP can do under these circumstances.

Naturally we have taken the prudent steps to avoid contagion, by encouraging remote working protocols, adopting flex-time scheduling, restricting our employees from using crowded trains or gathering in large groups, etc.

Furthermore, we have begun to offer free job postings on our recruiting sites for clients in urgent need of short-term replacements for their current employees who are required to stay home with children due to the cancellation of all public-school classes and activities.

Yet we feel we must do more.

Realizing that many of our users are part-time or contracted employees I understand full well that they do not enjoy the benefits of paid absence or leave allowance that protect regular employees. As distasteful as it is, we must recognize the possibility that some of these users may contract a coronavirus related illness and face serious financial pressures resulting from a loss of income. This, on top of the stress caused by their health issues.

Under these circumstances we thought we could alleviate some of the anxiety among our users by offering relief compensation to those who are not protected by the safety nets available to regular employees.

Consequently, we announce today a temporary relief compensation program for our part-time and contracted users who may fall ill as a result of the coronavirus. DIP will offer relief compensation for a period of up to one half month to those users who achieved employment through Baitoru, Baitoru NEXT or between March 1, 2017 and now, if they are unable to work due to a coronavirus related illness.

*One half month = the period supposed to be necessary for treatment

It is our sincere desire that this program will bring some measure of relief and peace of mind to our valued users, and perhaps provide a sliver of good news in these gloomy days.

Furthermore, we hope that this relief program may serve as a springboard to initiate a larger conversation regarding the disparity in working conditions between part-time and contracted employees, and those in regular employment.

Following our corporate philosophy, ‘here at DIP we want to tap into dreams, ideas and passion to create a better society’, we will continue to reflect on how we can make the best possible contribution to furthering fair and equitable employment conditions for everyone.

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