German foreign minister says human rights under pressure worldwide


German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, on Thursday, told parliament in Berlin that Human rights are under pressure across the world, especially western countries.
Maas, disclosed this while speaking during a debate on the government’s report on its human rights policy.
He noted that prisoners were being tortured to death in Syria, more than 1 million Uighurs were detained in camps in China and that opposition leaders in Venezuela were being persecuted.
“We are sometimes subject to dangerous illusions when we talk about progress. There is no automatic mechanism for progress in human rights,“ he said.
The minister noted that due to the current setbacks, Germany’s partners in the EU must act in unison to increase their leverage.
Maas also noted that Globalization, digitization and climate change had all impacted human rights; therefore, Germany could not rest on its laurels.
“An assessment of the national plan of action for business and human rights made clear than most companies do not yet fulfil the plan’s programme.
“As under a fifth of all companies were currently implementing the duty of care provisions.


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