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Group lauds Tinubu’s transformative leadership

The Asiwaju Youth Ambassadors of Nigeria (AYAN), has commended President Bola Tinubu`s transformative leadership to deliver dividends of democracy to Nigerians.

The National convener of the group, Mr Idongesit Etim, said this at a news conference to commemorate Tinubu`s one year in office on Friday in Abuja.

He said that Tinubu’s administration was committed to rebuilding and unifying Nigeria through his Renewed Hope Agenda.

Etim said Nigeria was one of the youngest nations on the planet with the youth constituting nearly 75 per cent of its population.

He said that  Tinubu’s leadership has instilled renewed hope among Nigerian youths.

According to him, as a distinguished statesman and his commitment to democracy, Tinubu stands as a beacon of unity, illuminating the diverse landscape of Nigeria.

“With his visionary leadership which inspires hope and resilience, as he navigates the path towards a united and prosperous Nigeria.

“The steady and simultaneous progress of various projects, initiatives and programmes across Nigeria as epitomises a renewed commitment to national development and the provision of democratic dividend for all Nigerians.

“We join millions of Nigerians to congratulate Tinubu , and to wish him renewed grit, tact and wisdom to pilot the affairs of Nigeria till 2030,’’ he said.

Etim said the robust relationship between the executive and the legislative arm of government under this administration was commendable.

He said the relationship has promoted the speedy passage of numerous life changing legislations, including the 2024 Appropriation Bill and the Electricity Act 2023.

The convener said the access to Higher Education Act (Student loans) and the bill to revert to the old National Anthem 2024, a complete departure from the rivalry which had plagued several administrations in the past.

Etim said in recognition of the critical role of the judiciary in combating corruption, Tinubu has initiated reforms to ensure efficiency and independence of the judiciary.

He said this included the appointment of Judges with competence and proven integrity, and the ongoing efforts to enhance the emoluments, salaries and wages of judicial officers.

Etim said Tinubu’s administration had demonstrated commitment to mainstreaming women and youth participation in governance, setting precedence for intentional inclusion.

He said this visionary approach has garnered widespread commendation from diverse quarters, and signifies a profound belief in the potential of Nigeria’s young population.

“Through empowerment initiatives, youths and women are entrusted with the responsibility of driving innovation to tackle unemployment challenges in the country.

“This administration has adopted an approach of segmenting issues concerning youth into sports, technology, education, agriculture and entertainment  to maximise productivity and provide tailored support to the needs of each sector. (NAN

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