I need to fight Tyson, Lennox or Bowe, Holyfield Roars


Evander Holyfield has reiterated his wish to face Mike Tyson on his come-back fight, but has also thrown into the mix two other former heavyweight rivals, in Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe.

The 57-year-old is keen to return to the ring this year for an exhibition fight, having retired from the sport in 2011 and revealed two weeks ago that he was keen to fight old foe Tyson.

Holyfield has most closely been linked with a trilogy fight against Tyson, 53, who has been in intense training during the coronavirus lockdown, but the American has now told The Times there are three rivals from his era in the mix.

“It’s better you do it with people who have been around like you. I don’t want to go and fight someone trying to make a name for themselves,’ Holyfield said.

“People want to see me and [Riddick] Bowe, of course, Mike Tyson and, maybe, Lennox [Lewis].That would be good. I’ll spar with anyone.”

In addition to Tyson, Holyfield fought Bowe, 52, on three occasions, managing just one win, whilst he drew one and lost one of his two encounters against Lewis, 54.

Despite general concern about the health and wellbeing of the two-weight former undisputed world champion, Holyfield has emphasised the exhibition format and the likeliness of headgear being used.

“Look, we are going three rounds. It’s not ten or 15. Maybe there’ll be headgear. My intention is not to knock someone out, but you’ve got 16oz gloves and you get good shots in sparring too,’ the 57-year-old added.

“I look after myself. I’m OK with head shots. You better believe that if he goes at my head I’m going at his. I’m going to be shooting at his head anyway with jabs.

“The difference is if I hurt him I’m not going to rush in and try and get him out of there. I’ll pull back. This is a way for me to talk to young people.”


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