Joe Kiani named Honorary Academic by Mexican Academy of Surgery


Joe Kiani, founder of Masimo,  creator of non-invasive monitoring technology and the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, has been named an Honorary Academi by the Mexican Academy of Surgery, an advisory body of the Mexican federal government.

Kani’s appointment was made at the 85th Annual Academic Ceremony June 4th, 2019 at the Mexican Academy of Surgery auditorium.

The Mexican Academy of Surgery strives to achieve excellence in surgical specialties through the continuous development and vigilance of academic programs.

 It is committed to the development of education and investigation in all branches of surgery to maintain the health of all Mexicans.

“It is an honour to be named an Honorary Academic by the Mexican Academy of Surgery and to further advance patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care through advanced technologies and improved processes,” said Kiani.

“The goal of Masimo and the Patient Safety Movement is to create actionable solutions for patient safety around the globe and eliminate preventable patient deaths.”

Earlier, at the symposium hosted by the Mexican Academy of Surgery, Kiani discussed the importance of patient safety and how to ensure it.

Dr. David Mayer, chief executive officer of Patient Safety Movement Foundation and some others, discussed achievements and proposed next steps related to patient safety and the diverse national and international programs in place.


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