#LOCKDOWN: Ka3na, Lilo evicted from Biggie’s House


Big Brother Naija 5 eviction night has come and gone and the evictees are Lilo (remember Eric’s love interest?) and Ka3na (that ‘Big O’ with Praise).

While Ka3na came in with so much sass and pizzazz (according to Ebuka), she had 2 fights and a big moment – these had no hand in her eviction, though.

The Social Media Rumour Mill is rife with news that her name did her in, as many voted using ‘Katrina’, instead of ‘Ka3na’. This could be the case because as the votes went in, Ebuka did correct voters via the show’s Twitter handle, insisting on the right names. Will we ever know?

Not a few expressed shock over the eviction of the Boss Lady.

When asked who she’d miss, though, she was blunt. “Lucy and Dora”. Of course; they ate together, gossiped together and laughed together. The ‘Gossip Girls’, they were called.

Lilo, on the other hand, spent her time in the House in the arms of Eric and, many viewers think her eviction was just spot.

She as Housemate who practically glided through the house. The opinion is that she forgot her game and paid the price for love. Eric is still in the House, though.


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