Managem rejects categorically false allegations regarding the Bou-Azzer mine

Casablanca, Morocco — As a committed operator to responsible mining, Managem Group rejects categorically the allegations in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung regarding its operations at the Bou-Azzer mine. These allegations have no basis in fact and Managem vigorously counters them with the following facts:

Miners’ health:

The health of employees, including subcontractors, is closely monitored in line with usual best practices. Every employee at the mine has two full medical check-ups and examinations per year. Since the opening of the mine, no Arsenic-related occupational illnesses have been identified, nor any Arsenic-related illnesses in the Bou-Azzer mine area have been reported. A positive result made possible by the adoption of an industrial process that complies with the most advanced international standards.

At Bou-Azzer, the mining employee benefit from collective protection measures (the ventilation system in the underground mine) and the equipping of all employees and subcontractors with adapted Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Furthermore, underwater drilling and dust-free wet processing ensure that the ore is extracted in a stable form, guaranteeing worker’s health and safety.

A responsible operator:

Pan-African mining group, Managem applies the highest international ESG standards in terms of environmental protection, social practices and governance. The Bou-Azzer mine is certified to international standards (ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 26000, CSR Label, RMI) by leading agencies who confirm the effective implementation of the highest standards in the industry.

Water quality:

Major investments have been made to capture waste water on the industrial site and its reinjection into the industrial process enabling a water recycling rate of 93%.

Annual audits available for consultation (ISO certification), show no irregularities in concentration levels that exceed drinking and irrigation water standards. Water retention basins are currently being upgraded in line with our commitment to zero impact on the environment.

Managem Group, as a leading international player, remains committed to reinforcing the positive benefits for its employees, customers and the communities in which it operates in line with its CSR engagements.

Managem reserves the right to take legal action against any unfounded allegations concerning the Bou-Azzer mine.

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