MSCI Launches New Open Analytics Platform, MSCI Beon

MSCI Inc. (NYSE:MSCI), a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community, today announced the launch of its next-generation open analytics platform MSCI Beon.

The global investment industry relies on different sources of data and analytics to help make strategic decisions, mitigate risk, and improve operational efficiencies. However, data may have limited value when trapped in separate systems. Designed in response to this challenge, MSCI Beon is a single, open platform that harnesses advanced proprietary technology to connect disparate sources and aims to improve institutional investors’ current portfolio analysis capabilities, helping make better-informed and timely decisions across the entire investment process.

MSCI Beon will integrate MSCI’s industry-leading content and tools across Analytics, Index, and ESG1 – including portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution, and reporting solutions – with users’ data and analytics, as well as third-party sources. The platform goes beyond data aggregation by helping users derive meaningful insight from multiple sources at once and create and distribute timely, interactive reports to help analyze and better understand results in real-time.

“MSCI Beon is a truly open platform that allows users to integrate, build and share data in a way designed to conform to the user’s needs and preferences,” said Trent Walker, Head of Technology and Product Manager for MSCI Beon. “Our technology aims to give users the ability to answer increasingly complex questions and innovate as their strategy, business model, and the broader market evolves.”

MSCI Beon also offers the ability to create custom analysis screens, calculators, and workflows that users can tailor to fit their unique investment process and share them across their organization. The platform aims to provide greater efficiency and flexibility that can help portfolio and risk managers gain deeper insight into the drivers of risk and performance in their portfolios, scale their operations, and expand their analytical capabilities.

“As MSCI continues its journey toward driving industry transformation, we remain focused on delivering innovative solutions,” said Jorge Mina, Head of Analytics. “MSCI Beon is a testament to our mission to continuously create cutting-edge products to meet current client needs and help them adapt to changing market conditions.”

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