Primer Design launch novel coronavirus test


Chandler’s Ford-based Primerdesign took just two weeks to create a test which detects the virus, which has so far claimed 170 lives across the globe.

The company has already received 10,000 orders – and the figure is expected to soar over the next few days.

Adam Herridge the product manager for Primerdesign added: “This test is significant because it enables laboratories around the world to run a precise, rapid and cost-effective method to test exclusively for the 2019-nCoV strain in high throughput volumes.

“Until now, options have been limited to sequencing, which is costly in both money and time, or homebrew tests where facilities exist.”

The breakthrough comes as the international crisis caused by the virus continues to get worse.

Originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the virus has so infected 7,711 people and more cases are being reported all the time.


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