Quantum Xchange, Spire Solutions partner to enhance data protection in Africa


Spire Solutions, a leading valued added distributor (VAD) says it’s partnering Quantum Xchange (QXC), an American Technology and Cybersecurity company, to boost data protection in the Middle East and Africa.

Spire Solutions made the disclosure in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday.

Mr. Sanjeev Walia, Founder of Spire Solutions, said that with the partnership, customers, partners and prospects would benefit from Phio Trusted Xchange (TX), an out-of-band key delivery system that enable users to future-proof the security of their data and communications network.

Walia said the Phio TX from Quantum Xchange acts as a simple architecture overlay that works in tandem with conventional encryption systems and any TCP/IP connection (wireless, copper, satellite, fiber) to decouple key generation and delivery from data transmissions.

“We are in the early stage of the greatest migration in the history of computing as nearly every organization in the world will need to update and transition their legacy encryption to new quantum-safe standards.

“Quantum Xchange’s unique technology greatly eases this burden, offering affordable and dynamic next-generation key delivery architecture for stronger data security today and quantum-safe protection from future threats.

“We are pleased to have QXC as a partner and to add Phio TX to our portfolio of the world’s best security products and services,” he said.

Mr. Eddy Zervigon, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Xchange  said: “Spire Solutions has successfully introduced new cybersecurity solutions to more than 15 countries in its region; this makes them an ideal partner for our company as we look to expanding our global visibility and reach.”

He said that Spire’s focus on cyber threat intelligence is a comprehensive risk protection and response complements QXC’s mission to protect digital infrastructure that runs the global economy.

“The partnership will help us achieve our aim of bringing a market standard-based, quantum-ready solution that can easily meet the risk mitigation needs of a business at any time while delivering an infinitely stronger cybersecurity posture to any network environment,” Zervigon said.

NAN reports that Spire Solutions is the Middle East and Africa’s leading value-added distributor (VAD), with exclusive distribution rights for some of the world’s best-known cybersecurity vendors.(NAN)


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