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Re: ‘Jonathan unaware PDP used Cambridge Analytica, spokesman claims’.

My attention has been drawn to a trending story entitled ‘Jonathan
unaware PDP used Cambridge Analytica, spokesman claims’.

I write to clarify that there is an element of mischief in the story,
with the reporter disingenuously seeking to drag the Peoples
Democratic Party into the report, and make the party look like an
accomplice, in a case it was not even mentioned.

The truth is that in my reaction to a question from an AFP reporter in
a telephone chat on whether the former President knew about the
alleged involvement of Cambridge Analytica in the 2015 elections, I
had simply responded thus: “All the stories written about the subject
so far had all clarified that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was not aware of
such attempt, if there were any.”

Although I was correctly quoted, to the effect that “former President
Jonathan was not aware of it”, I consider the attempt to link my
response with an orchestrated PDP involvement in the allegation as
simply preposterous. This is because the PDP was neither mentioned in
the scandal nor came up in my chat with the reporter. It is
instructive that the whistleblower who originated the allegation has
been consistent in associating it to an unnamed businessman, who was
neither linked to the party nor to the Jonathan campaign. It is
therefore deceitful for any pundit to blame the allegation on the PDP
or anybody close to the former President, even before investigations
were concluded.

Ikechukwu Eze

Spokesman to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

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