Shoes: Stepping out in style

The culture of putting on shoes and the type and cost is a great deal for many people, especially celebrities and other famous individuals.

Shoes have become part of the fashion trends that defines a person and his or her social standing; it is personal identifier.

The cost of a shoe is classified by the brand name or the event where it was used as well as the person(s) using it.

The former Philippines first lady, Imelda Marcos, was reported to have a stock of very expensive shoes running into over 3,000 pairs.

People do express themselves through fashion and by styling they can enhance their self confidence and esteem.

Shoes can be classified as both clothing and accessory, as its purpose is functional, just as choosing the right shoe for the right event is important.

There are some grand brands that stands out and these include Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Prada, UGG, Balmain, Love Moschino, Burberry, Balenciaga amongst many others.

These luxury shoe brands are a display of meticulous detail, exclusive designs, excellence, and are limited editions; they are sort of investments for some people.

According to Forbes India, the world’s most expensive shoes are Moonstar Shoes by Antonio Vietri worth $19.9million, Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond shoes worth $17 million while Debbie Wingham heels go for $15.1 million.

The shoes thrown at President George W Bush was worth $10 million, Harry Winston Ruby slippers is worth $3 million.

The Michael Jordan’s 1998 NBA Finals Sneakers was $2.2 million, Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers is worth $2 million and the Tanzanite Heels is worth $2 million.

These shoes are made from very expensive materials of rare and excellent quality making them worthy of their amounts and high value.

Some of such materials are solid gold, diamonds, gold thread, rubies, Italian leather, tanzanite and Kuwait diamond.(NAN)

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