• DefenceBiden hopes for Gaza ceasefire deal ‘by next Monday’

    Armenians genocide: Biden risks friction with Turkey

    President Joe Biden has become the first US president to officially acknowledge that the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire during World War I was a genocide. Biden who made the declaration in a speech on Saturday risks a potential fracture with Turkey, but his comments have signaled US commitment to global human rights. In a statement marking the…

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    Texas Based Doctor Calls for Igbo Massacre, Goes into Hiding

    Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo MD called for the massacre of Igbos in Nigeria the way Nigerians are being killed in South Africa. Dr. Abraham Ariyo wrote on Facebook: “You see how they (the Igbos) are being slaughtered in South Africa. That’s what’s going to happen to them in Lagos…When are they (the Igbos) not going to be slaughtered in Abuja?…God…

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