Texas Based Doctor Calls for Igbo Massacre, Goes into Hiding


MassacreMassacre1Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo MD called for the massacre of Igbos in Nigeria the way Nigerians are being killed in South Africa.

Dr. Abraham Ariyo wrote on Facebook:

“You see how they (the Igbos) are being slaughtered in South Africa. That’s what’s going to happen to them in Lagos…When are they (the Igbos) not going to be slaughtered in Abuja?…God might have put a curse on them (the Igbos)…We will continue to bus them (the Igbos) to Onitsha.” – Dr. Abraham Ariyo

Dr. Adeniran Ariyo is a cardiologist in Dallas, Texas and is affiliated with Dallas Regional Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Ibadan and has been in practice for 27 years. He is one of 10 doctors at Dallas Regional Medical Center who specialize in Cardiovascular Diseases.

Following general outcry on social media, Dr Ariyo has gone into hiding. He has removed all his pictures on Facebook and deleted his post.

But unfortunately for him, his words had already been print screened by sharp eyed Nigerians outraged by his callous statements.

Elombah.com learnt his Texas employers has been inundated with complaints following below mobilisation on facebook:


My Igbo brothers and indeed anyone that looks remotely like an Igboman, it’s only a tree that hears they want to cut him down and it will just stand there!

As Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo has spewed unimaginable hate speech against us, we have to do something, the RIGHT thing. We cannot responsd to hate speech with hate speech, no we can’t, we are above such pettiness. There is a better more productive way to help authorities involved take care of such horrendous risk to human existence.

Here is the link to lay a complaint to Texas Medical Board, the organization with jurisdictional powers over the hate-speech doctor. Let us tell them the VERY POTENT RISK this man is to the life of humans. Also ask them to investigate all incidents, accidents and near miss involving him since he started practicing with a view to determining the true position of things and deter others with such Nazi-tendencies from doing like him.


If you have some chips, follow up your complaint with a call to same Texas Medical Board through these numbers:

+1 800-201-9353

+1 972 223 0550

When you are done with a strong worded complaint to the board above, head over to the Genocide Prevention agency below and send a passionate SOS to them. Tell them the hate-speech doctor needs be reminded IN THE STRONGEST TERMS POSSIBLE that human life is sacred.


I implore anyone with regards to human life to help us out on this.

Please do this for yourself, your Igbo partner, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, family friend. Let all humans with blood running in their vein help us tell this man and his likes that GENOCIDE IS EVIL! ?#?SayNoToXenophobia?

A campaign was also launched on CHANGE.ORG stating:

Investigate a Dallas-based cardiologist, Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo who called for xenophobic attack against Igbos the way foreigners were violently attacked in South Africa.

So far 137 persons have signed the petition.


  1. I have just sent my petition to:




    as well.

    Of course You will need his address to send a petition to Texas Medical Board. I did my research & here is his office address:

    Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo MD
    3535 W Wheatland Rd
    Dallas, TX 75237

    Phone: (972) 223-0550
    Fax: (972) 223-0551

    And Here is my petition:

    Recently, Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo MD personally declared & called for ethnic cleansing of a particular ethnic group (the Igbos) in Nigeria. This inhuman action is not expected from a person whose job is to save lives. In my opinion, he is psychologically very unfit to practice further in the medical field.

    I hereby implore you to dismiss him & revoke his license as a medical practitioner whose primary objective should be saving human lives. After proper investigation, he should also face legal consequences of his actions.

    Yours sincerly

    David Sinclair
    Frankfurt, Germany

  2. Please leave this Lunatic Alone. If he wants to exterminate the Igbos he should go to Lagos. Can’t wage a war of extermination from Dallas. I am sure that he doesn’t know that Lagos economy is vibrant today because an Igbo who served both Tinubu and Fasola administration as commissioner of Economic Planning and Development.
    Checkout Sarduana’s view of the Igbos on YouTube which I totally agree with and was the only Nigerian leader with the courage to say what he said. In nutshell what he said that an Igbo will be hired today as a laborer and by tomorrow he becomes the headman. There is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With The Igbo Being Ambitious. Can you Imagine Nigeria without the Igbos?
    William Iyizoba, Ph.D.

    • Leaving him alone means its okay to continue to pronounce such hatred. His medical license should be stripped and deported back to Nigeria. He should not be allowed to practice medicine, he cant be trusted to uphold his Hippocratic oath.

  3. My doctor in New Jersey Adekunle Aeoti, MD, is also an Ibadan Graduate so is my cousin Hilary Onyiuke, MD, Chief Of Neurosurgery At University of Connecticut Medical Center. Dr Ariyo You are not even a lagosian. You Must Immediately Apologize to your fellow Nigerians who you think deserves to be exterminated. Good luck in your desire to exterminate igbos. Did an Igbo woman spurn your advances? You must have severe psychological problems.

  4. The miopic idiot just ended his long term career with a stupid comment on social media. I wonder how his family are feeling at the moment, that is, if he has one.

  5. please the world should come to our rescue, for human blood is the most sacred on earth.
    let him and others like him learn from this.

  6. Mr Adeniran Ariyo should be called to explain his speech calling for xenophobic attack on igbos in lagos Nigeria , such hate speech from an educated man is sickening and come to think that he is a Doctor who saves life then calling for people’s life to be taken , Pls save the igbos in nigerian by handling this issue aright thanks

    • It is unfortunate that Mr. Adeniran Ariyo has chosen to make a fool of himself and his family members here in the United State (if any) and in Nigeria. It seems that he refuses to learn from past genocidal acts to the Igbos. Mr. Ariyo is a hater and needs to be investigated relative to how many Igbo patients he has had all these years, how many have died under his care and what circumstances led to their deaths or incapacitation. As an Officer of the Law, I believe there needs to a class action law suit against him for any atrocities he has committed under the umbrella of his status as a medical doctor. All Igbos who have him as their primary or secondary doctor must divorce him for better doctors who respect and uphold the medical oath – to save lives and not to aspire for genocidal tendencies. I also believe that the FBI and the U.S. government should not let such hater to live comfortably and practice medicine here.

      • Is it not heart troubling to hear a man of this status campaign for such ungodly action against his fellow country men. And come to think that he himself is striving in business as a stranger in far away America where he originally had no right of residence, and he wants Nigerians to be exterminated in Nigeria where they are original citizens. It is this type of hate that have given the entire south as 2nd class citizens to the north. They will think that they are hurting the Ibos, but at the end, they will be partakers of the result of their conspiracy.

  7. This person has no place in Medicine nor this whole planet in the 21st century. It is unfortunate that eevn after so long and with so much education, nothing has changed in him. He is a disgrace to his family.

  8. This man is naive and evil his hatred for the igbos can be compared to Hitler’s hatred for news. Any human being who lives any where regardless of whether he is born there or have ancestral roots there is a full citizen and is entitled to the rights and responsibilities of a citizen. Dr Ariyo failed to realize that Yorubas dominate shell and other federal government establishments in Niger Delta and nobody is calling for their head.


  10. No matter what you say Dr airyo,any touch from you all your people to the igbo’s you will know I dis spices the yourba I will make sure I burn down any one I see(yourba)

  11. Omo, you have nothing to fear from all those jobless individuals that are trying to mob you simply because you expressed your mind. Ma da were lohun, aja lo ngbo.
    Igbos have been threatening the entire country for so long over the issue of an Igbo President yet no one cried out. Igbos have been threatening to resurrect Biafra, yet no one cried out against the threat to the whole nation. The list of Igbos’ threat is endless, yet no one cared to call them to order, but when a Yoruba man made a statement in the passing, all dogs are barking.

    • Agidimolaja, i hope this is not your name, when we take up arms against Nigeria, its only them you markedface mouth will open wide.
      Lazy bastard, well, we own Nigeria, so go to hell for all i care.

      • God of Yoruba not my True God will be this hateful bastard and retard. The god of Hitler will be with him.- you juju worshipper of Osun river ggod- is sure will be with him forever and he will perish in hell fire when the True God of true christians deals with him.

  12. well his treat to the igbo should not just be overlooked. in recent times their have been many treat against the igbos,its just an eye opener for the igbos to know who there friends are.the igbos should not just sit and fold their hands, its right time they count their teeth with there tongues …they must be ready for the worst, our silence has been mistaken for weakness. if we are hostile just as the hausas,I dont think the yorubas will even point their filthy fingers on us.

  13. “The power of the tongue is life and death those who love to talk will eat what it produces.” (Prov.18:21)
    “The positive words that a man speaks fill his stomach; he will be satisfied with what his lips produce.”(Prov.18:20)
    “Whoever watches his mouth and tongue keeps himself from trouble.”(Prov 21:23)
    Ephesians 4:29 – Let no filthy talk be heard from your mouths, but only what is good for building up people and meeting the need of the moment. This way you will administer grace to those who hear you.

  14. It is unfortunate to hear this type of rhetoric from a gentle man such as Dr Ariyo. It won’t be too late to apologize since we as human are fallible. The Igbo should not think all Yorubas are like that. You as igbo in your history, have you been badly treated in any Yoruba land, the Dr’s expression is not reflective of all the yorubas, we are people of peace.

  15. Read Proverb 18:21, Ephesians 4:29- Omo Yooba ( we have christian school three times weekly for those who do not know Christ). We will like to have Omo Yooba – you seem to not know Christ and His teachings. We will help and love you even your brother Ariyo is welcome too. You two can learn a thing or two about Christ!

  16. he doesn’t need anything if we file charges we will be boosting him all we need to do is leave him alone and every one post this on their Facebook,twitter your website and anything you can use so we can warn all the igbos to stop going to his hospital because he will kill them and it wont stop till all the igbos stop trusting yorubas thats the first step for us to be safe, the only way we can be be a good example is by ignoring them, because (silent is the best answer for fool.

  17. This is absolutely shameful. I hope the US authorities would apply appropriate sanctions on the dangerous Doctor. also the authorities should find a way to warn Igbos in the US about a threat to their lives by coming close to this Adeniran Ariyo.

    He a mass murderer waiting to unleash carnage.


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