Uganda protests seizure of it’s products in Kenya


The Ugandan government has sent a protest note to neighbouring Kenya over what it called the seizure of its milk products in the East African country.

On Thursday, Ofwono Opondo, Uganda government spokesman tweeted that ministry of foreign affairs issued the note on Wednesday expressed deep concern about illegal seizures of Ugandan made milk products under the Lato brand.

The ministry said that the move has caused heavy financial losses to the company.

It noted the seizures started on Jan. 2 and since then goods worth 360,000 dollars have been confiscated.

Uganda said this contravenes the principle of good neighbourliness and Kenya’s obligation under the treaty establishing the East African Community, Customs Union protocol, Common Market protocol and World Trade Organisation trade facilitation agreement.

Local media in Uganda alleged that the Kenyan authorities claimed the products are contraband, counterfeit and substandard.


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