Vaccinated persons have more freedom, says German Justice Minister


People who have been fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) could have certain restrictions lifted soon, German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said.

Lambrecht said this in an interview with the Handelsblatt newspaper on Saturday.

“If it is established that a vaccination not only protects against illness, but can also prevent further transmission of the virus, this must be taken into account in the measures.

“This is not a privilege for vaccinated people, but a requirement of the constitution,” she said.

The question of which restrictions could be removed for vaccinated people will be the focus of a planned meeting between federal and state leaders on Monday.

A controversial new law in Germany that imposes uniform coronavirus restrictions on areas where infections are rapidly spreading went into effect on Saturday.

Lambrecht said the new federal law explicitly authorised the establishment of “special regulations, exceptions and facilitations for persons who are assumed to be immunised against the coronavirus.”

The minister added that the benefits of being vaccinated should be presented to people.

“They are rightly asking themselves what freedoms they can exercise again after a vaccination,” she said


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