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Controversy trails Adesua’s ‘Gbegiri is Trash’ Tweet

Nigerians have replied actress and wife of singer Banky W,Adesua-Wellington,telling her that local Yoruba soup,’Gbegiri’,is not trash. The actress had come under fire after lighting Twitter up with the statement “gbegiri is trash,I only ate it with amalia under peer pressure”,calling it “an over-rated soup”. She tweeted: “I’ve decided that gbegiri is trash. Peer pressure made me eat it with my amala but I have grown as an individual and now I know without a shadow of doubt that I prefer my amala with ewedu and fried peppery stew.”  Signed, Ex gbegiri sufferer. One of her followers and Twitter user, @Oluwafiolakemi2,replied with the tweet:”  I think you should try locally made gbegiri before making your final decision coz you probably have just been having internationally made gbegiri. “Gbegiri and ewedu with hot black amala can extend your death day..” Another,user, @yojora, joined the fray,typing: “Lmao I won’t lie, fried peppery stew bangs with Amala like mad but gbegiri is not trash…” Etomi-Wellington was out-voted with the third tweet from another user, @enisullyman “I second this notion that gbegiri is not trash.Gbegiri bangs with tuwo. “I also second the motion that amala, ewedu and fried peppery stew are match made in heaven.”


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