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CSOs express worry over Rivers crisis, seek respect for rule of law

CSOs express worry over Rivers crisis, seek respect for rule of law

The Centre for Credible Leadership and Citizens Awareness a coalition of civil rights organisation committed to good governance, has expressed concern over the crisis in Rivers state.

The coalition said this called for the need to uphold the principles of justice and the rule of law and allow judiciary judgment to stand.

The spokesperson for the coalition Dr Gabriel Nwambu, said the group as the watchdog of the society has been watching with keen interest the latest events unfolding in Rivers.

According to Nwambu, such acts are not synonymous to true democracy and democratic principles in line with global best practice.

“The rift between the Executive and the Legislative arms of Government and the actions of the chief executive officer in Rivers State which is akin to anarchy is becoming worrisome.

“Consequently, as a coalition of civil right organisations, we cannot allow such threat to our hard-earned democracy to thrive in Nigeria where we operate a constitutional democracy, where the rule of law stipulating the supremacy and predominance of the law should be practiced to the letter.

“The National Judicial Court (NJC) as a body empowered to regulate the discipline of erring judicial officers has recently slammed its hammer on three erring judges by issuing them with a warning letter.

“This letter prohibits them from any form of elevation until such warnings are lifted. It becomes imperative therefore, that we call on the NJC to beam it’s search in Rivers judiciary.’’

Nwambu alleged that the chief executive of Rivers relocated the legislative arm of government, an institution of government, to commence sitting inside the Government House.

He said that this singular act was not consistent with the principles of Separation of Power, a complete aberration, desecration and denigration of our Constitution.

He said the coalition called on all leaders of the Bar to uphold the sanctity of the law and refrain from participating in actions that undermined the Constitution and the authority of the Federal courts.

Nwambu urged Governor Sim Fubara to soft pedal on his intention to probe the immediate past administration where he served as the Accountant General of the state.

He added that Fubara’s alleged plan to demolish the State House of Assembly, a newly built structure was undemocratic.

“The democratic process thrives on the existence of independent legislative bodies, and any attempts to undermine their autonomy should be condemned in the strongest possible term ,’’he said

He called on the appropriate authorities to investigate the allegations in the state thoroughly and take appropriate actions to safeguard the interests of the citizens.

According to him, As a coalition of civil rights organisations, we firmly stand against these illegal activities and actions of Chief Executive of Rivers State.

He called on all citizens, civil society organisations, and leaders of the Bar and the Bench to join in defending the rule of law, upholding democratic tenets and principles, and safeguarding our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

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