Group seeks stiffer penalty for rapists


Young Muslim Forum, a religious group, has called on the Federal and State Governments to enact stiffer laws that would tackle incessant rape cases across the country.

Sheikh Azeez Habeeb, President of the forum, made the call during a special prayer for national unity in Uzi-Ekiti, Ekiti, on Sunday.

Habeeb said that the high rate of rape cases, specially against minors, has become worrisome and a source of grave concern to religious leaders in the country.

He said government’s regulatory agencies, parents, teachers and other stakeholders should collaborate and eradicate the ugly trend.

He said there is an urgent need for the review of the relevant laws to allow for stiffer punishment for rape offenders.

The cleric said that such a review became necessary to empower the judiciary with proper legal backings to accelerate rape-related cases across various courts in the country.

“Such intervention will accelerate adjudication of rape cases and also serve as a deterrent to would-be offenders,” he said.

Habeeb also said that governments should evolve proper regulatory framework on the usage of social media, especially by the youths, to reduce exposure to indecent acts.

“Today, our youths are exposed to different gadgets that can easily destroy their lives and lead them astray.

”Many parents have failed in their parental responsibility in giving the desired close monitoring and supervision on the daily activities of their children.

“More worrisome is the high number of youths involving themselves in drug abuse and other cyber related crimes and criminality.

”These indecent acts and immorality are major contributors to the high number of rape incidents witnessed in recent time.

“I think it’s time those concerned institute stiffer legislation to deal with rape perpetrators and other related acts,” he said.

The cleric advised religious leaders to use sermons to bring the desired sanity to the society. (NAN)


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