Lagos Activities Paralyzed As Jonathan, Buhari Storm City Together


Jonathan visited the HQs of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) in Marina, where he rang the bell to indicate the close of business for the day.

Usually, the NSE closes at 2:30pm on every week day and when there is an important visitor, the NSE consensuses the dignitary the honour of ringing the bell.

This is the first time that the leader of the country would be visiting the NSE, where he is expected to launch an online mobile platform that would enable 30 million domestic investors have access to the stock market.

However, APC presidential candidate is set to hold an interactive forum with youths at the Muson Centre, in Onikan, Lagos.

Buhari is also owed to attend a special dinner in his honour at the later in the day.

Separately from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, there is no other state in the country that has hosted both men on the same day ahead of the presidential election.

When the US secretary of state John Kerry, visited Nigeria in January, both contenders held separate meetings with him in the most populous city in Africa.

Meanwhile, locals of the state have been complaining of unbearably heavy traffic as a result of the visit of the dignitaries. Already, major roads in Lagos Island have been closed, resulting to paralysis of commercial activities in some parts.

“One is getting fed up with this constant closure of the road because of just one man,” said Mansur Omeiza, a resident who works on the mainland. “I decided not to go to work today to prevent the hardship that road users encounter whenever the president is in town.”

Another resident who asked not to be named also complained the closure of the road.

“Even when Jonathan is not in town, we know what we experience in terms of traffic, not to talk of now that they have closed many roads,” she said.

“Why would they even be closing the road? Are we in the northeast? There is no problem here. There is a better way to control traffic when the president is in town rather than deciding to punish the masses because they have power.”

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