Maritime Security Firm AdvanFort Opens Hamburg Office




Axel Tuetken, Vice President for Sales and Business Development .
A leader in global maritime security solutions, the AdvanFort Company, today announced it had opened an office in Hamburg, Germany, as part of its growing and far-reaching customer service network, particularly for clients in Europe.


“AdvanFort has made a substantial investment in the future of our clients in Germany and the rest of Northern Europe by inaugurating our office in Hamburg, the maritime crossroad in that region, thus ensuring that we are closer to our customers,” said company President William H. Watson.  “Our move into Hamburg comes as we have named Axel Tuetken, former Maersk Line country president in Japan, as our Vice President for Sales and Business Development.”  

Watson pointed out that one big benefit offered by the Hamburg office is an improved service level for AdvanFort’s growing customer base, ensuring that there is no major time difference for customers in Europe, as well as the fact that real-time face-to-face meetings are now possible to discuss critical issues.

For his part, Tuetken underlined the fact that the opening of the Hamburg office comes hand in hand with AdvanFort’s creation of a robust sales team in the Asia market, at a time when—as the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) recently revealed—Southeast Asia is the region reporting the highest number of pirate attacks.

The company is also stepping up efforts to deliver a wide range of maritime security services to ports and vessels in the increasingly troubled Gulf of Guinea, he added.

“AdvanFort’s reputation for offering a growing number of clients best-practice services at an affordable cost forms the backbone of our continued efforts to help protect the free and peaceful flow of commerce around the world,” Tuetken noted.

He pointed out that AdvanFort efforts in Asia have been significantly buttressed by the recent opening of offices in Tokyo, Singapore, and Seoul, while—closer to home—it has also established a permanent business presence in Istanbul, Turkey.


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