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U.S. destroys Houthi drones and missile

The U.S. Armed Forces said on Thursday that they destroyed two drones and a missile launched by Iran-backed Houthi militants and targeting a U.S. destroyer in the Red Sea.


The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and destroyer USS Gravely on Wednesday morning successfully engaged and destroyed one inbound anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM).

Two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) were launched by Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists from Yemen toward USS Gravely in the Red Sea, the command said.

“There were no injuries or damage reported by U.S., coalition, or commercial ships,’’ it said in a statement.

CENTCOM forces also destroyed a mobile surface-to-air missile system in Houthi-controlled territory after determining they presented a threat to U.S. coalition forces and merchant vessels in the region, the command added.

The Islamist militia has vowed to attack ships in the Red Sea linked to Israel.

However, many of the vessels that have come under fire have no connection with the country.

The Houthis say they wanted to force an end to the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Because of the continuing Houthi attacks, major shipping companies are increasingly avoiding the shortest sea route between Asia and Europe and sailing around South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope instead.

Several Western countries, including the U.S. and Britain, have launched operations to protect ships in the region in response to Houthi attacks.

The European Union has also launched a military operation to secure merchant shipping in the Red Sea, one of the most important shipping routes for world trade. (dpa/NAN)

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