3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks North Sea, off UK Coast

The North Sea was jolted by a 3.7 magnitude earthquake on Sunday morning, according to the French Military Applications Division. The quake struck at 7:14am, approximately 56 miles off the British coast.

The British Geological Society (BGS) confirmed the event was recorded at a depth of 10km, making it a shallow earthquake, which are felt more intensely than deeper ones. Coastal communities such as Sea Palling, Happisburgh, and Mundlesley may have experienced the tremor.

BGS reports that there are 200 to 300 earthquakes in the UK annually, most of which are not felt and do not cause damage. They are only recorded by highly sensitive instruments. The largest possible earthquake in the UK is estimated to reach a magnitude of 6.5, with a magnitude 4 earthquake occurring roughly every two years. Approximately 20 to 30 earthquakes are felt each year.

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Monday Ashibogwu

Monday Michaels Ashibogwu is Editor-In-Chief of QUICK NEWS AFRICA, one of Nigeria's leading online news service.

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