Jonathan calls for global collaboration in peace-building


Former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has called for global
collaboration in peace-building, stressing that world leaders need to
work together to be able to surmount the huge security and economic
challenges faced by various nations.

The former President who observed that peace is a product of a
conscious and diligent effort also charged  those in positions of
authority to strive to bequeath a more peaceful world to future
generations.  Dr. Jonathan stated this on Friday in Seoul, capital of
South Korea in his speech at the International Leadership Peace
Conference with many world leaders including government officials,
former Presidents, lawmakers and entrepreneurs in attendance.

He said: “We can never overemphasize the need for global collaboration
in peace-building. The stability that the world needs today for peace
and security requires all voices of reason to join the effort to bring
order to the chaos that stare us in the face. We need to work together
as leaders to provide meaning and moral direction in every sphere of
the society to realize our aspirations for a just world.

“The peace and tranquility we observe in some countries today came
through the diligent efforts of the citizens. Our generation must
strive to make the world a peaceful place.”

Jonathan who emerged as the Chair of the International Summit Council
for Peace (ISCP), a recently inaugurated forum of African former Heads
of State, stressed that peace and stability engenders development
because they create necessary conditions that cultivate, nurture and
protect investments. Africa needs such investments to create jobs and
employ its teeming youthful population, in order to steer them away
from crimes, conflicts and illegal migration. When people say that
Africa lags behind other continent in terms of strategic and
sustainable development, it is because the continent is yet to find
answers to the problems of insecurity that have persisted in our

He said: “The ISCP-Africa which I lead will be joining hands with
other well-meaning people of the world to embark on initiatives that
will contribute greatly to lasting peace for the whole human family.”

Speaking further, the former President said: “As leaders and members
of the global community the onus is on us to continue to work for a
peaceful world. It is the only rational choice we have. What
distinguishes us as humans from the rest of God’s creation is the
ability to govern and condition our earthly space and make it
conducive for the healthy exercise of peoples’ rights and freedoms.

“We will continue to work for peace and the well-being of our
societies because the absence of peace takes us out of that rational
zone that sustains vision and optimism, thereby increasing the
tendency for strife, conflicts and despair. The Hobbesian picture of
the dilemma where hope recedes and life becomes nasty, brutish and
short is never far away. We must all therefore, as political leaders,
clergy, civil society and the people, ‘join hands as one family under
God’ to cultivate a working approach to peace and development.


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