The progress of Technology in Africa


africa_phoneTechnology in Africa is rapidly progressing and improving at a remarkable rate. The continent vastly relies and takes advantage of mobile devices which has created a very unique and exciting market on the continent. With the improvement of communication and the lightning fast transfer of data on mobile programs such as clouds, technology is going to be an integral part of Africa’s economies for years to come. To keep up with such quick changes in technology usage, sites with free ads can help you to find technological devices to stay updated.


Mobile technology is even helping people who, in the past, did not have access to something as simple as power. One example is a Kenyan based company that is a sun powered lighting system that uses your mobile phone to track energy usage and even stores power for specific uses. The impact of mobile technology has been greater in areas such as Sub-Saharan Africa because many people did not have any access to computers, the internet, online banking and affordable energy which are seen as everyday staples in most developed countries. Now mobile companies are finding ways to use the widespread popularity of mobile devices on the continent to fit this market. Whether it is affordable smartphones that will soon run on 4G, virtual mobile bank accounts or home lighting, this type of technology is revolutionizing the lives of many Africans.

Many organizations have to become mobile enterprises in order to accommodate the people all over Africa. Investors are beginning to take notice on how these home-grown companies are thriving in this unique mobile dominated market. Now they have to provide cheap and affordable ways for people to use technology in many aspects of their daily lives. It will be interesting to see how mobile technology will be used in the future.


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