We have NNPC audited accounts- Auditor General’s Office



Contrary to claims by the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Lamido Sanusi, the ofiice of the Auditor General of the Federation is in possession of NNPC’s audited accounts from 2005 to 2012.

The embattled governor had alleged that his suspension was Presidency’s reaction to public outcry about NNPC’s inability to account for missing $20bn accruing from oil sales receipts.

The Auditor General of the Federation is constitutionally empowered to audit all governments MDAs and business concerns as well as review their audited reports by external examiners before it is forwarded to the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRN) to review auditors approach to annual reports.

According to an official of the Auditor General’s office who has craved for anoymity, the suspended CBN governor spoke out of ignorance. “There records are available and will be made public if an appropriate constituted authority request for them.’ he said. “Aside external auditors hired by agencies, the Auditor General’s office routinely checks the accounts of all government agencies. we are surprised that he (Sanusi) will say that.” he added



  1. The anger and wrath of the Almighty God will soo fall upon all looters of Nigeria. What you have is a doctored audited account! God will certainly destroy all those who aid and abet criminals in Nigeria. They shall all roast in hell. Steal all and claim it is oil subsidy! God is watching.


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